Patient Reviews and Testimonals

After experiencing a diverse and troubling set of symptoms, Dr. Topouzian has used a multi-pronged approach to my treatment plan… Included in this plan are high dose vitamin C infusions and HCL. Prior to treatment, I was operating at about 30%. With treatment, I am at about 75% and am hoping to improve with time. Due to my compromised immune system, I choose to avoid vaccinations. As such, my own immune system must be boosted to help me fight infections, such as the flu. Infusions have definitely helped… The infusion clinic has a friendly atmosphere, under the guidance of Dr. T and his infusion specialist, Luis. He is an expert at locating veins, inserting the catheter or butterfly and performing blood draws and infusions. I highly recommend taking advantage of the services offered at Dr.Ts infusion clinic.-Cathy S.

When I first came to Dr. T with in my depleted state, he told me I was not absorbing my nutrients which turned out to be the underlying cause of my pain, fatigue, brain fog and hair loss. Under Dr. T’s supervision, I have had IV treatments of vitamins and minerals that have improved my condition. At the same time he has helped my digestive system and absorption. Dr. T took a different approach to trying to find the cause of my problems and performed a lot of testing. Other doctors that I had seen did not have any answers for me other than prescriptions.
-Jessica. J.

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I was put on a slew of different medications. Some helped for a while, others had side effects that were worse. Dr. Topouzian found that I have low thyroid, low testosterone and low cortisol levels. A treatment plan was put together that included Myers Cocktail IVs and Glutathione. I could tell that I needed these treatments by the way my body responded. Intense treatment for an intense problem. I still occasionally come in for an IV treatment if I feel a cold coming on or if I am under a lot of stress.-Taylor M.

Dr. Topouzian has been a life-saver for me. He understands how the thyroid can affect our entire body, and why it is so important to run a complete thyroid panel (Free T3, Free T4, TSH and Reverse T3). He truly listens and partners with his patients to find the best treatment for each individual, whether it’s Natural Desiccated Thyroid, direct T3, etc. I have been able to get my life back because of his excellent care.-Jill Gurfinkel, Director of the Thyroid Survivor Network

When I first came to Dr. T with in my depleted state, he told me I had a disease I had never heard of before…Hashimoto’s. Since then, I have learned much about this auto-immune disorder and under Dr. T’s supervision, I have had blood tests to determine the medication needed in order to regulate my thyroid. I used to be cold, even in the summer and having a normal operating temperature is one of the most desirable benefits I have enjoyed from this therapy. My weight was more than what I wanted it to be and through not only thyroid medication but also dietary modifications, I was able to drop excess weight without even dieting. There are so many factors that go into determining why a certain gland, in this case thyroid, malfunctions. Dr. T took a scientific approach to trying to find the reasons, one at a time, so that the results would not be skewed. It has taken awhile, but my thyroid is not bothersome anymore, although I continue with my medication, Armour thyroid.-Sue H.

About 17 years ago an ultrasound revealed I had a 2-centimeter goiter on my thyroid. As I believed pharmaceutical drugs healed, I took the prescribed Synthroid, but because I believed my thyroid had healed, I quit taking the medication about six months later. My thyroid began again acting up about five years later, when test results showed a slight abnormality. I then met Dr. Topouzian. He quickly identified hypothyroidism through lab work. Because of my earlier research, I had been taking iodine. Dr. Topouzian explained how the iodine I was taking was much weaker than the dose I required, and he prescribed a specific type of iodine. After taking the proper dosage of iodine as recommended by Dr. Topouzian, my thyroid now functions normally. Thanks to God and Dr. Topouzian, for healing my thyroid!

I honestly believe my husband and I are alive today because of the diligent and caring medical care and superior interpretive analysis skills of Dr. Keri Topouzian. Dr. Topouzian demands the best for his patients. The blood tests are extremely thorough and very revealing as our bodies change and age. The compounded medications for our thyroid and hormonal issues have been so much better assimilated by our bodies over pharmaceutical drugs. My husband and I feel better with Dr. Topouzian’s more natural approach to our health. We also financially prioritize our out of pocket medical expenses as a number one priority in our lives. If you don’t have your health how can you enjoy anything else?